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About Us

Leticia Industrial Pte Ltd was set up in 1995 and founded by a group of Scientist and business professionals with extensive experience in the US and Chinese pharmaceutical industry with base of Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, 300 kms away from Beijing. Capital city of China.

With 68 qualified and excellence experienced researcher for R&D development and 160 well-trained workers in key position of the production lines and 39 qualified analyst following each batch of products, We have two GMP factories, Area of 10000 sqms. we can assure the best quality delivery to clients.

Leticia aims to achieve a strong presence in the synthesis process and manufacture in the field of pPharmaceutical and Intermediates and APIs, especially in WEIGHT LOSE: Cetilitat(ATL-962), Orlistat, rimonabant, CLA. Germinal Hair:Dutasteride, minoxidil, CB-03-01, RU-58841, finasteride. Anti virus, HCV, HBV/HIV, Fungal, Tumor, Endome-triosis, Relugolix, Heart Failure, NASH, cardiovascular, sex enhancement, sarms, peptide. Custom Synthesis and so on.and achieving well recognition domestically and internationally.

We are adept at the reaction of:
1. Halogenation substitution, halogenation addition, halogenation replacing
2. Cyanidtion addition, cyanidtion replacing
3. Diazotization
4. Condensation of ketone, nitrile and ester
5. Liquid-phase oxidation, gas-phase oxidation
6. Alcoholic aldehyde consendation, Claisen condensation
7. Chemical reduction, low-pressure hydrogenation reduction
8. Heterocyclic cyclic reaction
9. Hoffman rearrangement, hydroperoxide rearrangement
10. Esterification, Sulfonating, Hydrocarbonylaiton, Chloridization, Hydrolyzation, Ammonolysis etc.
11. Metal catalyzed coupling reaction    
12. Anhydrous oxygen free ultra low temperature reaction
13. Chiral synthesis & split

Peptide synthesis
Small-scale trial manufacturing and Large-scale manufacturing (from 1kgs to 1,000kgs) facility kg quantities can be produced.
In our production facility kg quantities can be produced. All custom synthesis requests will be handled a.s.a.p. Of course the response time depends on the availability of a synthesis procedure (your own or ex literature). If a synthesis procedure is not available, a charge for laboratory tests can be agreed. Eventually a secrecy agreement can be signed.

Leticia is committed to being a highly responsible corporate citizen that adheres to the highest industry standards. We will always be committed to environmental protection,human health,safety production, high quality,and also the regularization management of the company.